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Pilgrimage Magazine, founded in 1976, is published twice a year and is based in Pueblo, Colorado. The magazine is dedicated to exploring story, spirit, witness, and place in and beyond the American Southwest. We welcome creative nonfiction, fiction, poetry, translation submissions and feature one artist per issue.

Juan Morales, Editor/Publisher
Pilgrimage Magazine
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Department of English and Foreign Languages
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Volume 41 Issue 1: Renewal

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Autumn in southern Colorado is always unpredictable. The degree differential climbs to 72 in the day and dips to freezing overnight. The snow may come at any moment, so we remain ready for its arrival. Each day is a new start that goes beyond the small talk about weather, that reminds us how the seasons may influence our mood and energy. It points out that renewal is not exclusive to the darling buds of spring. It can be in the heart of winter’s still landscape with untouched snow illuminated by the moon. The chilly landscape can surge us awake to take brave steps out the door. It can be as miraculous as a hatching egg, breaking open as in Jen Stewart Fueston’s opening poem. Renewal is the other poems and prose that slows us to ponder the struggle we need to tackle after we’ve retreated. We find ourselves reflected in the salmon’s stubborn journey to spawn, the town that welcomes the rain after surviving a drought, the care in placing a new tattoo on vulnerable skin, or letting abuelita nurse our black eye with a slice of Spam.

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